7 MAY 68

This raw camera footage from the U. S. National Archives is 19 minutes of additional mopping up patrols in a cemetery, which I recall to be just north of Tan Son Nhut and additional clips along the street just outside the Airborne back gate to Tan Son Nhut Air Force Base.  A member of the American film crew shows up in a brush hat.  The film shows a VN trooper attempting to clear his jammed M-16 with a coat hanger wire and a short clip that includes a kid dressed in VN ABN fatigues.  One trooper inserting a magazine into an AK-47 is wearing an 8th ABN BN crest on his epaulet.  This film has dead NVA plus a few NVA prisoners receiving medical attention from the VN ABN.  The abandoned jeep has the markings of the 89th MPs.  This film has an intermittent audio track.