6 FEB 73

 is a 5 minute film of the stand down of Team 162.  One clip shows the final 30 or so Airborne Covans in their final formation on the Airborne parade grounds.  Along with COL Hanson is MG Coleman, the senior reviewing officer, and 1SG Brander is shown carrying the decorations while they are awarded to the individual Covans.  And there are a few clips of the ABN DIV Band.  This film does not have an audio track.  IF ANYONE CAN IDENTIFY THE OTHER COVANS, PLESAE LET US KNOW WHO THEY ARE!

For some reason, there are some 15 minutes of unrelated clips attached to this final film.  I guess they are attached because the same film crew recorded them the next day, 7 FEB 73.  It starts out during day light with a NVA delegation getting off a C-130 at Tan Son Nhut Air Force Base.  Then a night time clip of the “1st Arrival of American POWs” being greeted by Ambassador Graham Martin, a 4-star American general and others, as the POWs file past and board a US Air Force Jet.  And last, clips of several fixed wing aircraft and Huey choppers with “ICCS” identification painted on them.  ICCS is the International Commission of Control and Supervision which was set up at the Paris peace accords.  A couple of the fixed wing aircraft are Pilatus Porters, which were probably left over from Air America.