1968 Frenchy Girard

     In 1968, ZOOM, a French television show, made arrangements to go to RVN to interview a Vietnamese paratroop officer who had jumped into Dien Bien Phu during the French Indochina War.  But when they arrived, they were informed that he had been killed in action.  As a result, they were told about Red Hat “Frenchy”Girard and they then made this film…and the rest is history.  Frenchy was offered a free trip to Paris to promote the film…and I have not idea why he declined this magnificent offer.  The producers of ZOOM returned in 1969 to re-interview Frenchy, but soon discovered he was then in SOG.  When they contacted SOG, SOG wanted nothing to do with ZOOM and just about kicked Frenchy out of SOG because of his notoriety.  And as we all know, a couple of months later, Frenchy was KIA on a SOG operation in Cambodia.

     This film was provided by Jim Cole, a very close friend of Frenchy, with whom he served in SOG.  The audio is in French and unfortunately, this is just the first 20 minutes of a 30 minute program.

1968 Frenchy Girard Part 1


 1968 Frenchy Girard Part 2